Q: Why are YPN’s annual dues so inexpensive?

A: YPN leadership has made an effort to keep the annual dues affordable as we wish to make this network available to a diverse group of people. However in the near future we may revisit due structure to meet the current needs of our membership base and continue our success into the future.

Q: Is YPN affiliated with any group or business?

A: No, YPN is an independent group founded in 2007 by a group of young professionals who saw a need to connect and unite the next generation of leaders from all backgrounds and careers. Their vision was to do this through activities that encompassed three core principles of leadership, networking, and philanthropy. Currently we have an active board structure and nearly 100 members.

Q: What kind of events does YPN put on?

A: YPN has three core principles: Leadership, Philanthropy and Networking. We do our best to ensure we offer diverse events throughout the year in each of these areas, while trying to ensure the events meet one or more of the following criteria:

• Provides an opportunity to network with professional and community leaders.

• Allows attendants to learn more about community issues.

• Encourages volunteering for area non-profit organizations.

• Grants opportunities to grow professionally through leadership opportunities.

• Impacts the area’s quality of life.

• Affords the opportunity to network and socialize with friends!

Q: What is the age limit?

A: 39 years

Q: Why no website?

A: What, you don't like our blog? In the past we have not created a website as we wanted to ensure the information we share is current and accurate. In the meantime we have created and kept up-to-date this blog, Recently we have reevaluated our need for a website and are still in discussions on this topic.